Frequently Asked Questions

Cash Back Shopping

How does cash back shopping work? has partnered with hundreds of Merchants to display offers and coupons on it's website for its members and visitors to use. Those Merchants pay a commission when its members use those offers and shop from its site. then shares that commission with its members and pays it out in cash back rewards.

How do I earn shopping rewards on my purchases?

In order to get credit for your purchase a member must first start on website then click on an offer, coupon, or Merchant link. The member is then redirected to the Merchant website to complete the purchase. will record the transaction as a Shopping Visit and log it under the members account. The transaction details will also be loaded typically within 7 -10 days after a purchase with the Merchant, which will display member cash back earned from eligible purchase.

What happens if I don't see the credit from my purchase?

If transaction detail is not loaded in member account after 10 days from the purchase date from Merchant then member can file a transaction inquiry, which will allow to investigate. Upon filing an inquiry will need the name of Merchant, date of purchase, and order number to open an investigation on member behalf.

Are there cash back exclusions and limitations?

Cash back amounts will vary for many reasons, and can change at any time. Merchant gift cards will not earn rewards, and there may be other items that Merchants will not pay commission on. will do its best to post accurate rewards amounts, but will not be liable if errors occur. If members have questions about reward amounts prior to making a purchase then we can reach out to the Merchant to verify.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Non-members can use the offers and coupons posted on, however only members will receive cash back shopping rewards.

Referral Rewards

How does Referral Rewards work?

Members can refer non-members to join and earn cash back rewards on purchases made from the user they refered.

How long can I get paid on my Referrals?

Members will earn rewards from their referrals for as long as they both remain a member.

How much do I make on my Referrals?

Referral Rewards amounts will be posted on website. Amounts can vary at any time because the Merchant may not pay of certain items, but will do its best to ensure information is up to date.

Do I have to make purchases to get paid off my Referrals?

No, members do not have to make purchases to get paid off their referrals but they do need to have an active account.

Pament Questions

When are earned rewards eligible for payment?

Payments will be processed by 60 days after the end of month in which rewards were earned. For example: if rewards were earned in January then will be able to process payments for those transactions by the last day in March.

How will I get paid?

Members will have the option to get rewards paid by check or by PayPal. Member can make or edit their selection under their profile.

What is the minimum amount earned before I get paid?

There is a $1.00 balance requirement before a PayPal transaction can be processed.
There is a $15.00 balance requirement before checks can be processed.

Are payments processed automatically or do I request payment

Members will have the ability to request payments to be made once they have met the criteria. This gives the user the ability to manage when they get paid since their are minimums before payments can be processed. Requests can be made on the account page.

Can I donate my rewards to charity is working on giving its members the ability to donate their rewards to charity.

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